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Year R have had a fabulous first day. We have played lots and read a story and sung some maths songs. We had two playtimes and everyone had a snack and ate lunch. We are starting to learn everyones names and find new and old friends to play with. What a great start to school. 


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Year R are learning all about People Who Help. We had a visit from two paramedics and an ambulance. Everyone leanrt all about how paramedics help people and we all enjoyed exploring the ambulance. 


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Year R had a visit from the Police. We learnt all about how the police help us everyday. We all sat in the police car and turned on the lights and sirens! 


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Wonder Wall

This half term, our ‘I Wonder Wall’ has days, months and seasons plus a range of different numbers and some measurements.

At the moment the ‘I’m wondering’ section, the ‘I think’ section and the ‘I found out’ section are empty…but not for long! Each class will have some time to investigate the Wonder Wall and foster that natural curiosity we all have!

In the meantime, all families are welcome to have some ‘wonder moments’ at home; you are very welcome to add these to the wall. Just take a look at the photographs posted or take a look before and after Celebration Assembly on Friday.


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