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 Feckenham Staff would love to celebrate and remember VE day with everyone, so until we can have a huge playground tea party, here is something to help you remember us and VE day. Can you guess who is singing? Yes, its Mrs. Mac! Enjoy. 


Summer Term  Home Learning


Please find below a range of activities for home learning each week. This page will be updated with new activities weekly. The activities are all based on a different book each week and cover all the subjects we would teach in school. We have discussed a range of difficulties families may have, such as limited or no access to printer or laptops or data issues or weak internet connections. On top of this families may have very young children who require lots of attention and children in more than one year group or school. We have decided as a team to create a learning grid which gives activities for each year group based on a one weekly story. The idea behind this is so that families do not have to juggle different books and wide ranging activities requring lots of different resources. We have presented the activities on one grid so you can help support all your children at Feckenham First School. Also, you can move your child's learning between year groups. If your child is finding one particular task challenging, then look at an activity in the year below or if your child is finding the set activity easy then move up a year group. Please remember that each child learns at their own pace and, when we are in school we would plan for your child's own learning at their level. Home schooling is very different and we are having to leave it to parents to decide how their child is progressing at an activity. We have also attached any support documents needed below. If your childs activity requires supporting documents, it will be made clear on the weekly learning grid.

Please remember that whatever you can manage without disharmony will be good enough. Do not feel you have to complete all the tasks. We have tried to make your home schooling life as easy as possible.  Any feedback you would like to give would be very welcome. Please email Mrs. Little and we can address or adapt future plans.  

Take care everyone and remember learning is fun and its great to make mistakes and learn from them! 


21/4/2020:      Week_1_home_learning




27/4/2020      Week_2_Learning_grid






4/5/2020       Week_3_Whole_School_Learning_Grid




11/5/2020     VE Week



                          Learning_grid_VE_day_years_3_and_ 4

For additional resources for the White Rose maths site, please scroll to the bottom of VE week. White Rose are currently updating their terms of use. We are a premium subscribed school, which means we can access their activities. The video lessons are free to use for all currently and we are working on the best way to get the activities to you. For now, they are attached in year groups at the end of VE week homelearning resources. 

Resources for VE Week Learning 

Please note we are not expecting you to print anything, we are trying to accomadate everyone, your child can draw things out in their exercise books or copy activties onto paper. Also please remember that whatever you can manage is great, we do not want to put any stress on families during these unusual times. Children can not learn if they are cross and adults can not teach if they stressed. Be kind and do what you can. 

Power Points to support learning:      Additional_VE_Day_more_in-depth_info.ppt




Activities for VE Week learning:    Code-Cracking_for_Beginners_Morse_Code_Worksheet.pdf










Below is a video of the powerpoint to be used on Wednesday in keystage 1 and 2, due to the file size it could only be uploaded as a video link. You may need to use the pause button to allow your child time to read each page. 


  White Rose Maths Resources 

Year One: Lesson_1_Add_by_making_10_2019.pdf









Year Two: Lesson_1_Add_and_subtract_10s_2019.pdf









Year Three: Lesson_1_The_4_and_8_times-tables_2019.pdf









Year Four:  Lesson_1_Correspondence_problems_2019.pdf










18/05/2020    'The Snail and the Whale'





Reources:                  Snail_powepoint_for_reception and Year one

                                 The_United_Kingdom1 - Geography for keystage 2 map

                                 Keystage_2_Geography_-The-UK-seas-.pdf - Powerpoint for keystage 2 Geography

                                Keystage_2_Geography_Powerpoint_2.pdf - Second half of the keystage 2                                                                                                              powepoint for Geography

   R.E Resources        KS1_-_Courage.pdf    




 25th May 2020     Half Term Week

 There are no set home learning tasks for half term week, however there are some activities attached in a link below should families like some ideas to have fun together and keep busy. 



1st June 2020        Elephant Week





Resorces for all:                                African-Elephant-Information-.ppt





Reception additional resources:        design-an-elephant-activity-sheet.pdf


Keystage 2 addtional resources :        Amazing_Asian_Elephants_3.pdf


RE Resources:   KS1_-_PERSEVERANCE.pdf



8/6/2020                   Caterpillar Shoes





Resources for all:                           Caterpillar_Shoes_Rhyming_Story_Text



 Reception and KS1 resources:           Reception_life_cycle_cut_and_stic






KS2 Resources:                              Writing_Letters_Layout




RE Resources:                                KS1_-_PERSEVERANCE




 15/6/2020         'The Tunnel' by Anthony Browne




 Learning Grids:                Reception_grid_The_Tunnel.




Resources for all:                      The_Tunnel_story_and_pictures_to_read


 Reception resources:                All_about_Moles_-Reception


Keystage 1 and 2 resources:      Story_planner_powerpoint


                                                    The_Tunnel - by Pie Corbett





  RE Resources:                            KS1_-_TEAMWORK



22nd June 2020                          It's Not Fair


Mrs Mac

Mrs. MacDonald reads this week's story

Please follow the link and enter Feckenham as the password 



Learning Grids:                   Reception_Learning_Grid_on_Its_Not_Fair




Resources for all:                  Its_Not_Fair_Story_Text_for_all


Reception:                         Reception_We_are_all_Different_Story





KS1:                              KS1---Anti-Racism-2020



KS2:                             KS2-Anti-Racism_June-2020-



RE Resources:              KS1_-_ACTION



 29/6/2020          ASTRO GIRL




Learning Grids:                           Reception_Astro_Girl.









  KS1 Resources                        KS1_Science_Space_Fun_at_home



 Keystage 2 Resouces              Design-Your-Spacesuit





RE Resources:                        Ks1_Friendship_RE



6/7/2020              The Story Machine                                             


Learning Grids:                 Reception_The_Story_Machine_Grid




Resources:                      Changes_in_technology







13/7/2020                Disney Week


Learning Grids:                     Reception_Walt_Disney_Learnin_Grid




Resources:                           Walt_Disney_information_ReceptionKS1.







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