How Long Does It Take To Learn Hindi?

The average Hindi student can master the basics of Hindi in 3 to 4 months of intensive study. That means 4 hours of class per day with a teacher and 2 more hours self-directed study.

  • Therefore, according to FSI findings, Hindi is in Language Group IV and it will take you around 1,100 hours to learn it. Hindi may be one of the most difficult languages for English speakers to learn, but that makes it all the more rewarding!

Is Hindi an easy language to learn?

How Hard Is It to Learn Hindi? In a nutshell, learning Hindi can be very hard. It is more difficult for a native English speaker to learn Hindi than most other languages. And the grammar placement of subjects, predicates, verbs, and nouns is significantly different than English.

How long does it take to master Hindi?

Hindi is rather easy to learn with a lot of media and other resources, and when exposed to it all it takes is 3–4 months (max) to start understanding basic conversations and around 6 months to start speaking it. Your pronunciations won’t be perfect and you will have an accent.

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Can I learn Hindi in 30 days?

Learn Hindi language Online in only 30 days for free at your complete guide to learn Hindi online through English. This website offers you free Hindi lessons, grammar, exercises, daily sentences, quizzes and many more. We have divided the entire learning course into 30 bite-sized lessons.

What is the fastest way to learn Hindi?

Here’s how to jumpstart learning these common conversational phrases.

  1. Learn Hindi phrases in context. Because Hindi has many words borrowed from other languages, it can also have some confusing synonyms.
  2. Don’t get hung up the script.
  3. Immerse yourself in Hindi.
  4. Practice speaking Hindi daily.

Is Hindi a dying language?

* Hindi,our mother tongue and our national language, is dying a slow death. It is losing its importance in fast-changing modern India. It is getting limited to speaking and verbal communication. Today,people prefer reading English newspapers,watching news in English and reading more of English literature than Hindi.

What is the toughest language?

Mandarin As mentioned before, Mandarin is unanimously considered the toughest language to master in the world! Spoken by over a billion people in the world, the language can be extremely difficult for people whose native languages use the Latin writing system.

Is Hindi hard to learn for foreigners?

Hindi is a harder than French or Spanish, probably about on a par with German and easier than Russian. It’s important to learn the Devanagari writing system because it clarifies pronunciation much better than Roman transliteration.

How hard is Hindi for an English speaker?

First off, the script used to write Hindi, Devanagari, is considered particularly hard to get a hang of. Though it is one of the toughest languages in the world for English speakers, Hindi shares words with Arabic, so those who already speak Arabic will have a leg up in terms of vocabulary!

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Which language is easy Tamil or Hindi?

Tamil will be easier. Particularly because both English and Tamil have the same representations for ‘Neutral Gender’, which is used often in conversations (I mean there is no ‘It’ & ‘That’ in Hindi, we have to go always with ‘He’ or ‘She’ for neutral stuffs like car, van, pen, cat, etc).

How do you say my name in Hindi?

To ask ‘What’s your name? ‘ in Hindi we say… आपका नाम क्या है? aapkaa naam kyaa hai?

How long does it take to become fluent in Hindi?

The average Hindi student can master the basics of Hindi in 3 to 4 months of intensive study. That means 4 hours of class per day with a teacher and 2 more hours self-directed study.

What language do Indian Hindi speak?

Hindi ( or Hindustani ) is the native language of most people living in Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Chhattisgarh, Himachal Pradesh, Chandigarh, Bihar, Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh, Haryana, and Rajasthan. “Modern Standard Hindi”, a standardised language is one of the official languages of the Union of India.

Which language is easiest to learn?

10 Easiest Languages for English speakers to learn

  1. Afrikaans. Like English, Afrikaans is in the West Germanic language family.
  2. French.
  3. Spanish.
  4. Dutch.
  5. Norwegian.
  6. Portuguese.
  7. Swedish.
  8. Italian.

What is the best app to learn Hindi?

10 Best Apps for Learning Hindi

  • Drops.
  • Learn Languages: Rosetta Stone. (Android, iPhone, iPad)
  • HelloTalk. (Android, iPhone, iPad)
  • RBhasha Hindi. (Android, iPhone, iPad)
  • Hindi Alphabets Learning. (iPhone, iPad)
  • Learn Hindi Free. (Android)
  • Memrise: Learn Languages Free. (Android, iPhone, iPad)
  • English Hindi Dictionary. (Android)

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