Eso How To Learn Nirnhoned? (Question)

The only way to acquire a Nirnhoned item naturally is by completing the majority of the main quest in Craglorn, which will reward you with one Nirnhoned item at the end of Dawn of the Exalted Viper.

Where do I find Nirncrux?

Nirncrux is found ONLY in Upper Craglorn from a by-product like worms on harvest nodes such as void bloom, voidstone etc. its either a red rounded stone or red powder.

What is Nirnhoned trait?

Nirnhoned is a trait which can be found on both weapons and armor. Exemplary items with this trait can only be found by completing the main quest in Craglorn, and you can only receive one per character. In addition, weapons with Nirnhoned trait can drop in trials and arenas.

How do I get potent Nirncrux eso?

This Gem can be acquired by deconstruction items that have the Nirnhoned Trait, resource nodes anywhere in Craglorn, or by purchasing them in Guild Stores.

What is Nirncrux eso?

Nirncrux, commonly called red brittle, shake stone or miner’s bane, is a red stone found only in Craglorn. In its raw form, it releases a poisonous gas when cracked which can cause symptoms ranging from nausea, body tremors, and disorientation to convulsions, slurred speech, memory loss and death.

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Is Nirnhoned better than sharpened?

On weapons, sharpened is generally more damage unless you’re fighting squishy enemy and already have a lot of penetration. Nirnhoned however also increases your healing in that bar. On armor, reinforced is percentage based, while nirnhoned gives a flat bonus. Which is better depends on the armor piece itself.

Where can I farm Nirnhoned eso?

There is one place to find Nirnhoned and that is Upper Craglorn. Here’s my highly sophisticated map indicating the only spot you can find it. You obtain Nirn by gathering materials in Upper Craglorn.

Is Nirnhoned good eso?

It is always the best, no matter what weapon you are using. The only reasons to use Nirnhoned instead is if you also want to gain some healing power on top or if you are a stat harlot and want to see a higher weapon damage number on your character sheet.

What does sharpened trait do eso?

Items with the Sharpened trait will increase your Physical and Spell Penetration by an amount dependent on the level and quality of the item.

How much damage does Nirnhoned?

It increases the tooltip value of a weapon by 11% which in turn increases Spell/Weapon damage by 11% before any buffs. For a staff, this corresponds to a base increase in spell damage of 146 Spell Damage and for dual wielding swords it corresponds to 175 Spell Damage.

How do I get Nirnhoned items?

The only way to acquire a Nirnhoned item naturally is by completing the majority of the main quest in Craglorn, which will reward you with one Nirnhoned item at the end of Dawn of the Exalted Viper.

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How do you research Nirnhoned?

Best Answers. You get one Nirnhoned piece per character when you complete the Craglorn main story. It’s random. To get other pieces, you can either buy from guild traders or have someone craft them for you (usually the best choice).

What does potent Nirncrux drop from?

metal and wood nodes will drop potent and fortified nirncrux. This is because you can’t use potent with clothing materials since it doesn’t have weapons but can use fortified is it is apparel. Since metal and wood are both weapons and apparel they drop potent and fortified.

What alliance is Craglorn?

The zone can be entered at any level via the gate in Bangkorai, and it is also possible to travel to Craglorn via cart from the Alliance capital cities, Elden Root, Mournhold, and Wayrest. The main storyline revolves around the disappearance of the constellations from the sky.

What is upper Craglorn?

Upper Craglorn is the northern region of Craglorn. The main settlement in Upper Craglorn is Dragonstar, which lies in the northwest of the region. The Dragonstar Arena sits on the hillside above the town. Parts of the region are currently under the influence of the Celestial Serpent.

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